The Peterborough & District Farmers Market Association (PDFMA), which is the Not-for-Profit Corporation that governs the Saturday Farmers' Market, gave pink slips to 7 vendors at the Market, 4 days before Christmas.


The PDFMA Board of Directors (BoD) is made up of only 4 vendors (Cindy Hope, Jill Staples, Mark Jones and Jan Laurie). Why are farmers giving pink slips to farmers at the Farmers' Market? A review of the current BoD actions and behaviour will hopefully shed some light on this question. The media has been active, please see news we've collected for your benefit.

What can we do to help ?

  • The vendors under attack do not want this fight, but they are committed to their farmers' market and they are standing up for local food. They have no choice but to defend their livelihoods through costly legal action, for which they need financial support. The urgency of this campaign is critical. Any funds raised that are not needed for legal costs will be donated to organizations within the community that support local farmers and local food.

    Donate to our legal fund
  • Contact Mayor Bennett, your city councillor, and the city CAO Allan Seabrooke. Tell them they need to step in to save local food NOW.

    Contact Peterborough City Hall
  • PDFMA Board actions: A Year in Review

    Some Media References

    The pattern is clear

    What do you want your Farmers' Market to look like? We want farmers and local businesses at our market! We do not want food fraud! NO PINK SLIPS FOR FARMERS AND LOCAL BUSINESS AT THE FARMERS' MARKET! We want a transparent organization that works with the entire membership and the community to preserve and grow the Farmers' Market as a community asset.

    Please Help